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Step 1: Choose Product

Purchasing our SQL Server performance management tools is the first step towards solving your database performance problems. Please choose a product below.

SQL Ultimate Bundle

  • "4 in 1" bundle: Includes SQL Trace Analyzer, SQL Deadlock Detector, SQL HeartBeat, SQL Ultimate Debugger
  • Enterprise-level features: email notifications, automating daily tasks

SQL Trace Analyzer

  • Quickly analyze trace data
  • Generate graphical analysis reports
  • Detect problem areas

SQL Deadlock Detector

  • Monitors, analyzes and reports performance issues in MS SQL Server applications
  • Highlights performance issues within SQL statements

SQL Ultimate Debugger

  • Quickly analyze trace data
  • Generate graphical analysis reports
  • Detect problem areas

  • Install it and forget’ tool, which monitors your server 24/7
  • Records hourly totals of the most important SQL parameters.
  • Stores history of these counters and presents it in graphs and diagrams
  • Tells you what you need to upgrade: IO system, memory or CPU
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Privacy Policy

SQL Solutions is committed to protecting your privacy. We collect the minimum personal information necessary to process and fulfill your order and use it for that purpose only. You can view the complete policy here.

What am I buying?

If you got to this page by clicking the 'Buy Now' button inside a trial version, a successful payment transaction will automatically unlock the trial. Simply restart the application after purchase.

Otherwise, a successful payment transaction will allow you to receive through email a link where you can download the full version.