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                              SQL Trace Analyzer

              Analyze a SQL trace to locate bottlenecks. 


SQL Trace Analyzer
  • Unlock the value of a full SQL Server trace
  • Quickly diagnose and identify all performance bottlenecks
  • Locate within minutes specific SQL statements responsible for each bottleneck
  • Proactively and constantly monitor performance through scheduled traces


SQL Trace Analyzer is the ultimate tool to diagnose and eliminate performance bottlenecks in SQL Server database applications.  SQL Trace Analyzer gives you a clear and complete picture of what goes on inside your database system. 


Flexible, easy-to-follow charts and summary statistics provide everything you need to know to fine tune and optimize your database system -- from an overview of CPU health to the exact SQL statements responsible for slowing down performance.

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It is relatively painless to capture a wide assortment of events from the SQL Server and then to save those events into what is known as a trace file. If generated correctly, trace files often contain useful information that can help pinpoint particular problems, from SQL Server performance issues to programming logic inefficiencies. Unfortunately, while setting up SQL profiler and getting started is relatively simple, deriving meaningful information from trace data can be difficult and time consuming without experience.

Some of the tasks you can easily and quickly perform with SQL Trace Analyzer include:


  • Find the most frequently executed and longest running stored procedures.   [IMG: Click to see how]


  • Graph and compare resource utilization by each stored procedure over time. [IMG: Click to see how]

  • Identify tables and views responsible for the most IO activity.                      [IMG: Click to see how]

  • Correlate Performance Monitor (PerfMon) logs with a SQL Server trace.                         [IMG: Click to see how]

    To see the full feature list for SQL Trace Analyzer, click here.



    SQL Trace Analyzer is an essential tool for any DBA or developer looking to improve database system or application performance.

    80/20 Rule for Database Performance

    The distribution of resource utilization in most database applications follows an 80/20 rule – 80% of resources are utilized by 20% of the overall database code. The ability to accurately identify the 20% that mostly utilizes resources is critical in fine tuning your database. SQL Trace Analyzer gives you a complete breakdown of your database system’s resource utilization and provides you a clear path towards effectively optimizing your database system’s performance.

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