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                       SQL Memory Advisor
               Do you have enough memory? 

SQL Memory Advisor
  • Check if your server needs more memory

  • Set up an experiment and get an answer today

If the cache hits ratio of your server is low, the server generates too many Physical Read requests. What is the best solution? Should you buy an expensive disk array or add 1 or 2 Gigs of additional memory? What if you could know the answer to these questions in advance?


Install SQL Memory Advisor . Run this tool to set up an experiment during your normal server workload hours. Send the result (XML file) to SQL Solutions or upload it automatically. That XML file does not contain any sensitive data, just values of performance counters, recorded during the experiment.

As soon as you purchase SQL Memory Advisor ,we will send back the result of our analysis. If you have SQL Ultimate Performance Monitor™  installed, please have it running and submit the results.

Learn quickly if your SQL server has insufficient memory before upgrading your server hardware.